Picture from Leitir

Here you can view the pictures of Leitir Mhic to Bhaird From the beautiful scenery, events or festivals.

With Surrounding you will find pictures of the beautiful nature Lettermacaward.

Easter Parade 2010 was held in sunny weather and it could be made pretty pictures.

The little Oktoberfest 2010 was a great fun for all visitors. It took place on the site of Elliott's Bar.

It,s not only a great night of traditional music,dance and poetry, where you get to meet lots of well known artists as well as some at the beginning of their artistic journey. You are going to be pampered with refreshments during the break and to meet plenty of nice people who are enjoyng this opportunity for a brillant night out. It,s great for meeting old friends as well as for making new friends. ENJOYABLE!

Children are just as welcome as grownups are. Maybe you feel a hidden talent slumbering in yourself?!

Sean Scoil Tráigéanac is a traditional old Irish School, where everybody gets a warm welcome.

The session, called Oíce Airneáil 'San Sean Scoil, is on every last friday of the month!

See the pictures to Traditional session.

This actors made music, sang and danced for the international audience: Patrick Gillespie, Benny Gillespie, Michael Gillespie, Emma Gillespie, Chloe Gillespie, Aidan Gillespie, Charlie Greene, Neiky Boyle, Caitriona Solan, Brid Solan, Fergus McGee, Seamus McGowan, Martin Nolan, Angus Sharkey, Tony Finnoty, Jo McBride, Kurt Lohse, Philip Lohse, Josie O'Donnell, Danny Dunnleavy and some more